Knock Off "Same shit different city" CD

Knock Off Same shit different city CD
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Formed in September 2013, KNOCK OFF are a hard hitting punk trio, taking influences from the early 80's U.K punk scene.
30 years on and the country's still a mess. KNOCK OFF's sound is fuelled by anger and disillusionment at a country going down the pan and life in general.
A raw and powerful sound mixed with anger, energy and passion, with stick in your head choruses, KNOCK OFF will leave their mark.
It's not all doom and gloom though, with the odd sprinkling of humour in the set, such as a heart warming love song imaginatively called....Love Song and a song about fantasising over sex dolls.
A KNOCK OFF gig can be described as an onslaught of hard and fast songs, a wall of noise designed to make an impact.
With supports with Sham 69, The Business and The U.K.Subs already under their belts and a slot at Rebellion 2015, KNOCK OFF are aiming high
1.The Hunted
2. Alibi
3. Dirty Little Secret
4. Bullet in the Head
5. Same Shit Different City
6. 18 Till I Die
7. The Underclass
8. Believe
9. Love Song
10. Ain't no Fool
11. Wanker
12. Sex Doll Fantasy
13. Long Time Coming
14. Little Boy Soldier
15. Psycho
16. Jack The Ripper
17. Why?

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